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Industrial Metal Cleaning Services: B & W Metal Cleaners

Industrial Metal Cleaning Services

B & W Metal Cleaners

B & W Metal Cleaners has been servicing the industrial sector in the Vancouver area for 60 years. The new 2006 management team continue to provide assistance to customers with small, medium to large sized projects. Please feel free to call with the scope of your project.

Whether you’re an individual, business owner, or a large company, we can handle all of your sandblasting needs. Click the tabs below to view items dropped off for our services.

Service Type

Structural Steel
Construction Equipment
Media Blasting
Process Equipment


Affordable, fair prices.

For your convenience, most jobs are completed in just one to two days. You’ll be treated with respect and very personable service. We work with you for all of your custom sandblasting projects as well.

Fast turnaround service!

Bring the part in that you need service for and we’ll give you a FREE estimate right away!

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